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At Finish Line Painting and Decorating we pride ourselves in quality workmanship. We make sure that our process is thorough from set up to preparation to application.


Founder Robert Apostolovski established the business in 2016 with the desire to deliver the best painting and decorating experience possible to his clients.  Robert and his team have grown each year by providing a true professional service to the building and construction industry and In return have acquired a strong referred clientele base.  Finish Line Painting and Decorating mainly services the lower and upper north shore of Sydney and shire with an odd job in the northern beaches and south coast.


Robert can also assist you in colour selection or refer his colour consultant and work with Insync.

With 20+ years experience, Robert and his team of professionals will bring a wealth of industry knowledge to your project. With hundreds of successfully completed projects, we know a thing or two about fine workmanship, time management, maintaining budget, and professional communication between all involved stakeholders.

When asking for quotes for your project remember the price will always reflect the workmanship. You want confidence in the person you choose which is why it's vital to choose the right team for your project!


Daniel Vel

Property Manager

Robert was so easy to deal with and super accommodating to all our specific needs and understanding of our expectations, would recommend him to anyone looking for a flawless finish, so professional A+.

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